Beat This! My Ten Favourite Drummers…

Check out this very cool post on great drummers from Tom George, a very cool Liverpudlian (I always wanted to say that!)


As a kid, I had so much rhythm bursting out of my soul that I would play on anything, with anything. I would tap on school desks with pens, then click my teeth together as I walked home. In the lounge, I would line up cushions on the sofa and hit them with wooden spoons while playing loud music on the stereo.

It was my sister who suggested I save up for a drum kit, and get serious about music. Years later, I’ve moved onto guitar but I still play drums on my recordings.

Here are the ten drummers that made the most impression on me. Whether or not you’re a drummer, I hope you enjoy the clips, which feature some great music.

Stewart Copeland
Stewart Copeland was at the heart of The Police’s reggae-influenced New Wave sound. Their hits like Message in a Bottle and Walking on the Moon…

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9 responses to “Beat This! My Ten Favourite Drummers…

  1. Duncan Peterson

    Bill Bruford, Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio, Carl Palmer, Max Roach, Lenny White, Steve Gadd, Steve Smith

  2. Duncan, I agree Billy Cobham is like a superman of drumming- was it him that used to use three bass drums? …Thanks for the re-blog Erich 😉

    • My pleasure, Tom. I also agree with Duncan’s choice of Ginger Baker. (It would make a pretty great face-off for the “wild man of rock drummers” title — Ginger vs. Keith Moon.)

  3. Richard Sarkisian

    Hope you have  Ginger Baker on the list. Did battle of the drums gig in 1969, Keith Duff vs. Neal Kirby, 30 – min. rendition of “Toad”.

      Richard G. Sarkisian

    • Sounds like at least a few of us out here are Ginger Baker fans. btw, There was a really good documentary about him that came out in 2012 called “Beware of Mr. Baker.” Caught the many sides (some of them very weird!) of one of the great drummers of our time. Thanks for commenting, Rick.

  4. Way out of my area of expertise, but I always like The Who and the Doors for the use of drums in their music.

    • When it comes to appreciating music . . . I think we’re all experts. I must say that a hard-core appreciation of drumming always seemed more like a “guy” thing to me. Am I wrong?

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