Literary Reunions

Reading over my initial “The Books that Mattered” post, it strikes me that it sounds so heavy and serious. But I would like the spirit of this blog to be . . . unexpected, thought-provoking, occasionally moving, occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, invariably entertaining.

Maybe a good way to think of this blog is like a . . . high school or college reunion.

I attended my HS reunion a few years back and many of the emotions and thought-processes that I had about reconnecting with my former classmates are much the same as I have about revisiting these books from my youth.

I want to read them again, experience them again. But I am more than a little apprehensive about what I might find. It’s not unlike seeing a girl I had a huge crush on back in twelfth grade and haven’t seen since: what will she be like thirty-five years later? And perhaps more unsettling, after all these years, how will I appear to her?

So, like my former classmates, some of these books will have aged better than others. Some will be as great as I remember them. Some will have put on a few pounds, lost some hair; others will have gotten a little boring. And some will prompt the question: how could I have ever liked them in the first place?



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3 responses to “Literary Reunions

  1. What a neat idea! Read your post on The Fountainhead and just realized how much fun it is to revisit some of these books that meant so much to us back then. I’m definitely going to look at The Fountainhead again. Your analysis and my memories of the book are soooo different.

  2. High school reunions are usually pretty stressful, but your idea sounds like a lot of fun.

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